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Project-based learning

Student projects are at the heart of ESILV’s pedagogy. Each year of their curriculum, engineering students carry out a major project in teams (from 4 to 6 students depending on the year).

During their studies, they develop technical skills, but also learn to work as a team over the long term, to manage difficulties and conflicts, and to manage a project over its entire duration. The topics proposed for each year of course target this rise in competence.

In year 4 and 5, the projects are proposed by a «partner» (company, association, research laboratory). Students also have the opportunity to carry out a major project about which they are passionate, by forming a team on it.
The teams are also tasked with valuing their work towards the outside world through one or more actions: partnership with a company; participation in a competition; contribution to the world of open source; contribution to the world of knowledge; contribution to the world of research; creation of start-ups …

  • Search for the best portfolio using genetic algorithms 
  • Managing IoT gateways with the blockchain 
  • Application of deep learning in insurance Protection and support of Vulnerable Clients 
  • Connected objects in insurance 
  • Pre-anesthesia Patient Qualification Tool 
  • Gamification of cyber crisis management exercises 
  • Capture The Flag 
  • Automated evaluation design from educational texts 
  • Wavelets in finance: estimating densities and singularities 
  • Monitoring and predicting the operation of an industrial plant 
  • Bank of the Future - Cofidis - Oracle 
  • Real estate tinder
  • Traceability of clothing via the blockchain - GANT 
  • Connected Boat - Remote Control 
  • Evaluation of voice comparison systems 
  • Design and Manufacture of 3D Orthopedic Equipment 
  • Build cybersecurity training for onepoint school
  • Markovian hypothesis and dependence of tails of distribution 
  • Data Mining applied to Offshore Projects in Energy Sector 
  • Portfolio Optimization with Copule 
  • CAD configured / 3DExperience – Dassault System
  • Smart Farming
  • The Vinci Eco Drive (car), LeoFly (space), Hydrovinci (marine) and DaVinCiBot (robotics)  associations will also present their ambitious projects.